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ERIA is Estabanell’s Corporate Venturing vehicle to boost innovation and collaboration with the national and international entrepreneurial ecosystem in the energy, telco and smart home sectors

What do we do?

Startup acceleration

We support the entrepreneurial ecosystem to foster innovation in the energy, telco and smart home sectors. That's why we offer an acceleration program for pre-seed and seed stage startups to help them grow and reach the next level.

Venture Client

We offer our Venture Client program to test the technology and the possibility of integration with a PoC. We open the program to startups that have already gone through our accelerator program and startups with a very mature MVP.

Other Programs

We promote the internal entrepreneurial culture at Estabanell with our exclusive program for employees, the creation of startups through our Venture Builder program or the investment in those strategic startups for the sectors in which we operate.

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What are we looking for?

We are looking for startups, technology centers, universities and other innovation agents that are open to collaborating and co-creating solutions with Estabanell focused mainly on three areas:


The energy sector is immersed in significant challenges, especially stemming from the energy transition and decarbonisation. That’s why we’re looking for innovative projects on demand flexibility, renewables, electrification of mobility, storage, digitalisation and smart grids or end-to-end energy to the home (EaaS) solutions. We are looking for innovation agents to help us face the future challenges of the energy sector throughout its value chain.


Telecommunications offer a great space for innovation, in which many startups are detecting new opportunities, new services and new products. We don’t want to miss anything that’s going on in this ecosystem. That’s why we’re looking for agents with a differential and innovative value proposition. We are open to proposals on AI applied to network management, customer service or improving the user experience, AR/VR technologies applied to entertainment (among others).

Smart Home

The smart home sector combines innovations from the energy and telecommunications sectors, albeit with its own trends and challenges. We look for projects that improve quality of life, energy efficiency and comfort, promoting sustainability and smart resource management. Our goal is to integrate advanced technological solutions that allow users to control and optimize their energy consumption efficiently, reduce the carbon footprint and improve safety and comfort in the home.

Why do we do it?

Our mission is to lead and promote Corporate Venturing initiatives that connect Estabanell with the dynamic startup ecosystem. We create a collaborative space where the different businesses of the Estabanell group collaborate fluidly with disruptive companies. And we foster a culture of continuous and innovative adaptation with the aim of improving people’s quality of life.

Because our values are:



We are the result of more than 100 years of accumulated talent at Estabanell: of a professionalism and responsibility that mark our services and our good work.


Few values are as solid as our commitment to people, society, territory and the environment.


We only understand one way to relate to you: with honesty.


We are accessible. We want you to have it easy when you need to reach us.


Estabanell was a pioneer in bringing energy and telecommunications closer to the people. And we will continue to be so in whatever it takes to improve the well-being of our customers.