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We promote the internal entrepreneurial culture at Estabanell with our exclusive program for employees, the creation of startups through our Venture Builder program or the investment in those strategic startups for the sectors in which we operate.

Entrepreneurial culture

The entrepreneurial culture and mentality is one of the main values of the Estabanell group. That’s why, at ERIA, we drive a training program to enhance entrepreneurial skills through an intrapreneurship initiative. The goal is to receive innovative solution proposals from Estabanell’s internal team, assist in implementing the idea, and create new startups and services for the ecosystem.

If you’re part of the Estabanell team, have an idea and want us to help you implement it, we will soon explain how to carry it out

Venture Building

Venture building gives us the chance to stay alert to any market opportunity, allowing us to create, launch, and test a new product, service, or company that we believe has economic viability and adds value to users.

We’re open to receiving ideas and co-creating them together to launch new startups into the market, and we’re even capable of creating them ourselves.

Investment in Startups

At ERIA, we have the possibility of making direct investments in startups or through a venture capital (VC) fund. So, if you have or know of any investment opportunity in climate tech, sustainability, energy, telecom, smart home, etc., feel free to let us know to assess the opportunity.

We want to transform our environment alongside with you

We want to transform our environment alongside with you